Our Pop-up Suppers

What is a pop-up? We agree with Wikipedia: 

Pop-up restaurants have been popular since the 2000s in Britain and Australia but they are not a new phenomenon. Pop-up restaurants have existed in the United States and Cuba.[1] Diners typically make use of social media, such as the blogosphere and Twitter, to follow the movement of these restaurants and make online reservations.[2]

Pop-up restaurants, like food trucks, are an effective way for young professionals to gain exposure of their skills in the field of hospitality as they seek investors and attention pursuant to opening a restaurant or another culinary concept.[3]

Pop-up restaurants have been hailed as useful for younger chefs, allowing them to utilize underused kitchen facilities and "experiment without the risk of bankruptcy".[2] By 2013, this restaurant style had gained steam and prevalence in larger cities thanks in part to crowd-funding efforts that offered the short-term capital needed to fund start-up costs.



Interested in attending?

We offer tickets through Eventbrite. You can find out about our events in our Blog Section, on our Facebook Page, or our Instagram: Insta6rahamChef. We are hosting two series currently:

Chef Series

These suppers are based entirely off of Chef's we respect and hope to one day acquire their level of knowledge and skill. Because imitation is the highest form of flattery we emulate Chef's such as Alex Atala, Francis Mallman, Dominique Crenn, Dan Barber & many more. We hope to see you at one of these suppers soon!

The Princess Anne B&B

This supper club is a once a week event where we feature up and coming line cooks to show off their specialized skill sets and build a menu around their favorite cuisine.