Graham Calabria

"I put a little of my grandmothers' unconditional love into each dish."

Graham Nicholas Calabria is one of the chef proprietors of the company, Kickass Catering. Kickass Catering heavily emphasizes ecologically friendly sourcing of the highest quality ingredients and utilizes alternative energy techniques whenever possible. Graham is making sure the company is looking into future technological advancements in hopes of moving the company to an entirely plastic free organization. Some of the ways he does this is by looking into cling wrap made of plant cellulose instead of plastic, as well as historic food preservation techniques used in conjunction with fermentation; an example of which is kim chi. Graham is currently studying for a food science certificate. He takes pride in providing plates that intertwine the natural order of the food chain and symbiotic plant growth such as his iconic Rattlesnake Sashimi & Braised Rabbit Tenderloin dish, his Kohlrabi & Watermelon Radish salad, & his Braised Bear Paw with Smoked Salmon plate. A voracious reader and arduous worker he considers himself an autodidact valedictorian in the school of hard knocks. He understands stressors are key to becoming antifragile and above all he also loves skateboarding with his rescued chocolate lab mix; as well as finding balance in his life through slacklining and various other boardsports.




Todd Ritter grew up in Alaska, hunting, fishing, and cooking for 26 years of his life. At age 18 he decided to pursue culinary arts in Portland at the Oregon Culinary Institute. After school Todd traveled around the country learning from a wide variety of chefs. Todd soon discovered Asheville, NC. Once in Asheville quite a few opportunities arose. After working in restaurants for some time he decided that his true passion is in being a personal chef. There is no greater joy than working with somebody one on one to bring them happiness and good health.



Bella Mireles

Growing up in the heart of California, Isabella has always had a passion for creativity and out of the box activities. She found the fire to fuel this passion in the kitchen of a local restaurant. After learning many diverse techniques in a wide variety of cuisines she decided to take a leap of faith and move to Asheville, North Carolina. Having an entrepreneurial heart she found herself connecting with a dynamic duo heading up an incredible local thriving company- Kickass Catering. She is now closely involved in growing the company, working alongside the hard working and immensely creative team, Graham Calabria and Todd Ritter.


Marketing & Customer Relations

Jamie Desmarais

Jamie is excited to partner with Kickass Catering, bringing over 15 years of experience in the service industry in a variety of roles including lead server, floor manager, bartender, and line cook. She also has five years of experience in direct customer sales in the medical software industry and is currently building her real estate business in the Asheville area. As a graduate of NC State with a degree in Biological Sciences, Genetics, and Health Medicine and Human values she is deeply passionate about the environment and understanding the world around us. She also graduated from UNC Medical School with her MD degree in 2013 but life took her on a different path rather than practicing clinical medicine as a physician. She remains dedicated to health, service to her community, and the concept of food as medicine. She looks forward to helping build a network of like minded people that can enjoy the delicious cuisine that Chefs Calabria and Ritter are ready to present!



Andy Glenn

Andy has been with the team since the beginning he loves food. He has the eye to capture amazing pictures and videos with excellent quality lighting. For no background in food photography you can see how Andy really epitomizes the idea that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. When Andy isn't helping us on a Kickass project he is building and shooting slingshots with Simpleshot Shooting Sports or an avid pool player, he wins the Banks Ave Pool Competition regularly. 

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Kerrigan McCarthy

Kerrigan McCarthy is an event manager who has been gathering people—and experimenting with how well-designed, physical space impacts them—since he was quite young. By making room for people to show up as their best selves, he creates a creative and cohesive atmosphere that is noticed by all. Kerrigan has the ability to read a room, intuiting what needs to be cared for, as well as how to tap into the potential of the physical space and the people involved. Through the years, he worked with venues, small businesses and caterers to plan and coordinate events on both large and small scales. As an entrepreneur, he went on to co-found and create an event space of his own. With his love of music at his core, a sharp mind, and his personable manner, he’ll turn your event into a professionally-executed, connected and beautiful day!


Sous Chef

Matt Grush

Matt is originally from New Orleans although he has been cooking in Asheville for over 12 years. Specializing in Southern Cuisine he loves stocks and sauces. He ran his own traveling catering company for a few years. Matt finds joy in working with fresh seasonal products preferably local. He competes in many different competitions, the most recent he won locally and was sponsored by PBR to compete nationally. He has received 1st or 2nd place in the annual Cajun cook-off for the last four years in a row and 2nd place in the Asheville Wing War two years in a row. He's a champ and we love him here at Kickass Catering. 

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